Executive Committee and Previous Attendees

Executive Committee Members

Marc Bellemare,  Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota (founding member)

Jennifer Brass, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (founding member)

Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz, Department of Political Science, Michigan State University (founding member)

Kim Yi Dionne, Department of Government, Smith College (founder)

Rachel Riedl, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University (founding member)

Previous Attendees

Lori Beaman, Department of Economics, Northwestern University

Jaimie Bleck, Department of Political Science, University of Notre Dame

Ryan Briggs, Department of Political Science, Virginia Tech

Karisa Cloward, Department of Political Science, Southern Methodist University

Willa Friedman, Department of Economics, University of Houston

Jessica Gottlieb, Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University

Pamela Jagger, Department of Public Policy, University of North Carolina

Harounan Kazianga, Department of Economics, Oklahoma State University (founding member)

Kristin Michelitch, Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University

Christine Moser, Department of Economics, Western Michigan University

Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Amanda Robinson, Department of Political Science, Ohio State University

Ryan Sheely, Kennedy School, Harvard University

Robin Turner, Department of Political Science, Butler University

Keith Weghorst, LAPOP/Department of Political Science, Vanderbilt University

Laura Weinstein


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